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to suffer from that curious sense of d▓istorted reality which writers have when● they are dealing with real people; in the ▓years of writing to Mountolive, for ●example, she had so to speak re-invented him● so successfully that he existed for her no▓w not so much as a real human▓ being but as a character out of her▓ own imagination.She had even almo●st forgotten what he looked like, what to expect● of his physical presence, a●nd when his telegram came to ▓say that he expected to be in Egypt again within● a few months, she felt at first nothing▓ but irritation that he should intrud▓e, bodily as it were, up

on the picture p●rojected by her imagination.‘I shall not see▓ him’ she muttered at first, angril▓y; and only then did she start to tremble and c▓over her ravaged face with her hands.‘Mou●ntolive will want to see you’ said ●Nessim, at last, as the conversatio▓n veered round in his direction agai●n.‘When may I bring him The Legatio▓n is moving up to summer quart▓ers soon, so he will be in A▓lexandria all the tim

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e.’ ‘He must wait● until I am ready’ she said, once ●more feeling the anger stir in her at t▓he intrusion of this beloved▓ figment.‘After all these years.’ And ▓then she asked with a pathetic lus●tful eagerness, ‘Is he old now — is he grey I▓s his leg all right Can he walk That● ski-ing fall in Austria….’● To all this Narouz listened with cocked ●head and sullen heavy heart: he could f▓ollow the feeling in her voi●ce as one follows a line of music.‘He is● younger than ever’ said Nessim, ‘hasn’▓t aged by a day’: and to his ▓surprise she took his hand, and putt▓ing it to her cheek she said broken●ly ‘Oh — you are horrible, both of yo▓u.Go.Leave me alone now.I have letters t●o wr

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